The Business side of radio presenting

A presenter is a business Although it’s peculiar to think all radio presenters are small businesses, they are. They are small businesses that provide a service to a client; the client in this case, is the radio station. In our book we discussed this in detail and talk about how thinking of ...Read More

What are you laughing at?

What are you laughing at? There is nothing more infectious and delightful to hear than another person laughing. Laughter not only increases Serotonin for the person doing it, but it also provides some for the listener too. Hearing natural laughter on the radio immediately intrigues, even if the listener doesn’t like the ...Read More

Using Twitter On Air

How Twitter helps   Not only does Twitter help presenters absorb the notion of brevity but it’s a really obvious prep tool too. By looking down the trending topics on the left hand side of the twitter interface, presenters can easily see the topics on discussion that day and how important they ...Read More

Radio Dullards

The evolution of radio dullard. It seemed apparent listening to a national UK urban/dance station the other morning that everything we wrote about in our book is a load of old poppycock. We thought that delivering callers to air in a succinct and particular way was not only common sense but also ...Read More

The Recipe for Brevity.

Many presenters, who work in music radio, are under pressure to make their links short. There are lots of reasons for this, many of which we discuss in our short book, How to be a Radio Presenter. However, for now, let’s assume that you know why and instead focus on some useful ...Read More

The presenter who gives you Xtra

Marcus Bronzy presents weekend breakfast on arguably one of the coolest radio stations in the world Capital Xtra. It only seems like yesterday that Capital Xtra was launched amid wild controversy and speculation about its raisin-detre. Today, it is listened to all over the country by more people and in more places ...Read More

4 key questions for radio presenters

4 More Presenter Questions – Radio Presenter Training Following on from some of the secrets of radio in our book, here are 5 more questions that every good presenter should be asking before preparing their content links during or before each show. How can I serve the listener more than an IPOD? ...Read More

5 questions for every radio presenter

5 questions for every commercial radio presenter What is going on in the listener’s mind? Develop a habit of consuming media, news programmes, magazine lead stories and newspapers. Agree or not agree, these are the primary thoughts and interests of your listeners. The media makes money by highly targeting and in some ...Read More

7 Tips if you hate your radio boss

7 Tips if you hate your radio  boss It’s going to happen, sooner or later, a boss will come along and drive you crazy, either in radio or before you start. You already know the story: The high-ups in your company employ a manager to work in your department. This manager is ...Read More

How to get the job in radio you really want.

How to get the job you want in Radio. Today is a good day for us. Today we have had even more tangible proof that what we said in our book actually works. Phew! There is nothing worse than publishing a “How-to” book and not including any “how-to” bits that actually work, ...Read More