7 Tips if you hate your radio boss

7 Tips if you hate your radio  bossRadio Boss

It’s going to happen, sooner or later, a boss will come along and drive you crazy, either in radio or before you start.

You already know the story:

The high-ups in your company employ a manager to work in your department. This manager is probably less experienced than you, has just left primary school, and has the people skills of a Mandrill.

However this manager is protected by the high-ups and always will be; all the time he plays golf with them whilst speaking to them in a way they find amiable or compliant. This manager is cunning as they can be two different people. They are meak and acquiescent in the higher-up’s presence and ego-centric, belligerent or micro-managerial in yours.

It’s not the higher-ups fault, but it will be a very long time before they get wind that their manager is a disaster, and even longer before they care. Until that time you are stuck. Sound familiar?

At this point you have several options.

  1. Poison the boss regularly with an acute solution of laxative, so that he eventually associates work with bad toilet and quits.
  2. Tell the boss that you just received a mysterious email from HR about corporate bullying but you haven’t replied to it yet.
  3. Change the way you look at things. (Best Option).

As Wayne Dyer Says:

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!

Here’s how:

1. See them as a tutor, furthering your income potential.

Treat the boss as your blueprint for success. They are teaching you all the things not do when you become a manager or entrepreneur.

Each time they do or say something ludicrous, chalk it up as yet another free lesson in management excellence. Be grateful for the wisdom.

2. Caricaturization.

Give them a new name and identity.

Osama Bin Laden might be a little dark so choose a name that’s fun and playful. Anti-Christ is a good one.

No, that was a joke, calling bosses names like this not only spreads revulsion around the office it WILL l show on your face in meetings, hence you will need more comedic caricatures.

Pick a funny character that helps you and your colleague’s foster a more positive emotion. Noddy for example, has a nice ring to it.

When I worked in a laundry, we once called our boss The Laughing Policeman. This was because he had rosy cheeks and laughed at not funny things. Another was called Zebedee, because he bounced as he walked around the office in ridiculous trainers. In time, playful characters help you animate a person and see them in a different way, dare I say even loveable…like a hamster.

3. Learn to Speed-Yes.

The speed-yes, is how you get the worlds worse boss off your back in the fastest possible time. As much as you might want to disagree, make your point, or be right, a speed-yes, lowers your blood pressure and affords you one less dispute.

The faster you say “yes” the more you will feel empowered and in control. After a while, the speed-yes becomes a pleasing work habit and dealing with Noddy becomes more congenial.

With several speed-yeses under your belt, you will note just how much less you are harboring past work differences between you, this will help you start to cope.

As a rule, never argue with a difficult boss.

A Pear tree only ever makes Pears, don’t expect it to make Oranges.

4. Draw pictures of them.

During our lunch break we would sometimes draw pictures of our laundry boss. This was simply a joy of joys. Representing boss-by-crayon has many spiritual benefits. Oh, how we laughed at his misfortune behind his back.

However tempting though, do not make a Voodoo Doll of them and pass it round the office. Messing with Black Magic is serious and should only be done with a parent in the room.

But seriously, actually drawing pictures was a greatly mollifying practice for us in camaraderie. The more riotously offensive the more we laughed, then felt exceedingly remorseful, then sorry and then finally benevolence.

By the way if you want to try this, it doesn’t mean create a leather-bound compendium of death depictions, a little doodle will do.

5. Be compassionate.

Everyone has a reason for acting the way they do and more often than not it stems from Fear.

Most boss absurdity comes from fear.

Fear of not being respected or not being recognized or worse. The more disagreeable they seem to be, the more pressure they are under, the more fear they have, the more desperate they are to be loved. Even finding a way to let them know you love them, even though you don’t love how they behave, is beneficial. Perhaps you can show them the please-die-pictures you drew of them? No, don’t do that.

However they act and however unpleasant they are being, they are actually doing the best they have with the resources that they have at the time. Remember this, at the time. There will come a time when they are not at all unlikable in the work place, when they have more resources, personal skills and wisdom. They are not unpleasant people and they should not be ultimately judged by how they act. Sacked perhaps, but not judged.

Without question, there will have been a time in your life where you were less resourceful, less good at communication and less experienced. If you remember this, and think of all the times that you may have upset people at work, this will help you balance your hostility with kindheartedness and acceptance. Sometimes just learning to simply accept a bad boss will be acknowledged by them.

6. Understand their challenge.

Being in charge is not easy. As a manager you are accountable not just for your actions, but the actions of those in your team. The pressure is really on and when the pressure mounts, it is easy to appear unpleasant without meaning to.

Similarly if you ran a business and risked your whole life to set it up, would you not feel like you have earned a weenie entitlement to be a little testing from time to time? If you work for an entrepreneur and he or she is an ass, imagine how you would feel if you too could loose your house if the business failed.

It’s comforting to remind yourself that a horrible boss is not only contributing to your wisdom but your house payments too. They deserve a modicum of respect for that virtue alone.

7. Don’t bring the boss home.

If the boss is being a total buffoon, would you invite them round your house to play with your kids and eat dinner? No of course not.

Would you let them live in your house free of charge? No.

So try not to don’t let them move into your head rent-free either. You can leave them at work right were you left them, sitting at their stupid idiotic desk!

Next time: 7 highly efficient office weapons.

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