The Business side of radio presenting

A presenter is a business

Although it’s peculiar to think all radio presenters are small businesses, they are.

They are small businesses that provide a service to a client; the client in this case, is the radio station.

In our book we discussed this in detail and talk about how thinking of yourself as a business actually is a good way to make you a better presenter. Essentially you are a tradesman. tradesman

This is not to say that all presenters should waltz around like Alan Sugar. It is more that having an element of business mindset will help you distance yourself somewhat from the role. In turn you will perform better.

If you are able to see your radio shift as a service to both the listener and the client (the radio station) you will be more efficient in delivering something of value.

And having something of value – makes you rich. Well perhaps not in radio but maybe just spiritually rich.

Without announcing it to anyone, start to see yourself as a business and this applies to you if you are not yet working in radio or even if you are.

What value would you be bringing to the radio station as a service?

How can you make that value as indispensible as possible?

Case in point – Chris Evans He’s not just a multi millionaire because he makes jokes on the radio…

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