A career in radio

A career in radio

Playing the Long Game

If you want to make it in radio, become a better radio presenter, get a promotion in radio or get the best radio jobs, it might be time for a new approach.

Ambition is a very powerful thing. It drives us all. It creates results and it fuels our futures. However it can also be something that can ruin lives, destroy friendships and disable your confidence. a career in radio

Most of man’s struggles derive from not being able to play the long game and allowing ambition to take over his life.

We all want better things, more money, the best jobs in radio, the most listeners, the longest lists of awards and the greatest job security, but are these things really what we want? Might it actually be that we want the feeling of what we think these things might give us?

What if you work hard in radio, you get all the things that you want and the success you strive for yet they actually just added more of the feelings you don’t want? Stress, anxiousness and pressure.

It seems like a double edge sword. When you want success you feel stressed, anxiousness and pressure, and when you get it you get more of the same.

We have interviewed many radio presenters and countless producers and managers who claim this is exactly what happened to them. They desired working on the biggest and best radio stations in the world and when they got there, all they got was more stress and more pain.

It seems counter productive to want something that in reality might not be what we think it is.

To give you an example, we know a yoga teacher who desperately wanted to get his grades and teach. He worked hard to reach his goal, only to find that there were more stresses when he qualified and actually succeeded in his original goal.

Now, as a yoga teacher he has the pressure of making his classes work, adhering to the stringent rules applied to yoga teachers by the superiors and actually loses more sleep being concerned about things than before he actually succeeded. Considering that being a yoga teacher is supposed to promote the ultimate in peace, this makes our point even more clear.yoga teacher

There is nothing wrong with having goals. But there is everything wrong with being too attached to their outcome and too rigid in your approach.

This is why we feel that the right approach is paramount. Part of our book discusses this notion in terms of radio and media success. We illustrate that early in your career it is important to be aware that what you want might not actually be as you imagine when you get it.

And this is where the “long game” approach wins. Adopting a mind set of your goal being a long and slow patient process, which happens organically, and all by itself is a very cathartic approach.

When you play the long game, every small action you take, every conversation you have, every decision you make, are miniscule building blocks toward your ultimate aim. You can take your own pace. Change direction. Be flexible in your approach and be more contemplative rather than determined.

This does not suggest that you aimlessly wonder around waiting for life to bring you opportunities but rather you set a goal for what you want to achieve in radio and then forget it. In time you will see that this set and forget principal will be a much more empowering one. One that will allow your success to manifest in slow and steady increments.

There is more to life, than making it go faster.

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