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Stephanie Hirst

Stephanie Hirst has exemplified over the last few days that there really are no limitations to what we can do. She has powerfully sent a message to us all that there are now no excuses for not getting what we want, or not being who we want to be. This is further ...Read More

How to get a Radio Job

How to get a Radio Job You would be astonished at just how dumb, intelligent people can be. When it comes to applying for an advertised radio job, you would be shocked at how ordinary human beings can make such disastrous mistakes. In the job world, what appears to be obvious common ...Read More

Radio Jobs in London

Radio Jobs in London For those of us in student radio the idea of working in London is possibly the ultimate dream. After all, the best radio gets made in London, it’s where the stars are, it’s where they have private members clubs and it’s where Buckingham Palace is. What radio career, ...Read More

Sam and Amy Win Gold

Sam and Amy win Gold. Last year Sam and Amy were catapulted to new echelons of profile when they were finally recognised at the Sony Radio Academy Awards, and last night it happened again, only this time their moment was golden. Whilst winning awards for making the tea, designing a doily or ...Read More

Harriet Scott Radio 2

Harriet Scott These days it is all too easy to hear stories of, “it’s not what you know but who you know”. For presenters looking to move into bigger things, this can become an all too often phrase that serves to demotivate you. Occasionally however there are stories that come along which ...Read More

DJ training manual

DJ customer service training manual. As part of your nightly duties we understand that customers will approach you a number of times with requests or observations. So that you are able to treat them fairly and in the most efficient and timely manner, we have created a short training manual, outlining suitable ...Read More

Don’t hang the mobile DJ

Don’t hang the mobile DJ Many would say that mobile DJs are those that can’t get proper DJ jobs in clubs or bars. After all why would anyone want to lug gear into a venue? Often mobile DJs start their day around 2pm and end their day at 2am.There is no kudos ...Read More