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Enter the DJ

Enter the DJ: In the late 70s it was claimed that a new invention video, would kill the radio star. Popular band The Buggles sang a song all about this, which went to number 1. Although the Buggles thought that video would kill the radio star, they were actually quite wrong. The ...Read More

Radio DJ on Air

Radio DJ on air: Want to be a radio DJ on air? Are you working in student radio, maybe hospital radio and you are thinking you want to be a radio DJ on air? Whilst you might not be as slick as Steve Wright on Radio 2 at first practice makes perfect. ...Read More

How to get into radio

How to get into radio: If you want to know how to get into radio, this book basically has it all. In a tiny, easy to read book, the notion of how to get into radio is answered in the most succinct and true way today. It discusses what radio stations really ...Read More

On Air Jobs

On Air Jobs: If you want the best presenter jobs, it starts with learning a few basic secrets. Secrets that you won’t learn anywhere. Secrets that will take years and years to learn…well that is until now. Presenter Jobs are now easier to get than ever before with the new tell-all book. ...Read More