How to get the job in radio you really want.

How to get the job you want in Radio.

Today is a good day for us. Today we have had even more tangible proof that what we said in our book actually works. Phew!

There is nothing worse than publishing a “How-to” book and not including any “how-to” bits that actually work, what a relief.

Actually no, we have been working with presenters on a private basis for years, we get them jobs and because of that, we decided to write the book. Or as some call it (booklet!) “God, ok, judge…its not about the girth you know” – Oh wait… it is…? Oh well.

Anyway today another private client of ours got more response from her enquiries than she has ever had, in a faster time then ever too! In fact we now joke that she has single-handedly altered our mindset about how fast things happen. Not to mention that we won’t feel guilty sending her the invoice now.

Radio Wages

Please Note: This is not an image depicting our client. Nor is it indicative of the money she might earn in radio, everyone knows there is no money in radio. No, this is to indicate how much we charge. Crumbs we are expensive!

She came to us with radio experience and gave us the simple brief, which went something like “GET ME A JOB ON A BIG STATION NOW”.

And here was our challenge…having listened to her demo:

  1. She didn’t sound like the station she wanted to work on.
  2. She had no idea on how to deliver a live read in the specific way for this radio company.
  3. She had not studied the station format or ever content down before.
  4. She had never written her content in conjunction with a specific programming clock.
  5. She was not aware of the Magic 5. (The magic 5 things that has to happen in each hour)
  6. Her voice and delivery were conflict with her career desires.
  7. She had a slight speech and breathing issue.
  8. Her demo was badly ordered, too long,  edited and was full of glaring no no’s that the experts avoid.

Although she had worked on more than 6 radio stations, we explained why she was not going to succeed this step upward with her current demo and approach.

The result she got from us was a demo that earned her two requests for meetings within 4 days of sending it out. That is a record, as you know this NEVER happens.

So whilst this blog seems to be about how amazing and brilliant we are and how as a group of consultants we know more than probably any other radio training service (um, well we probably do) it is actually to congratulate her!

Because without the following things, she would not be getting ready to have two of her most important meetings in her career.

  1. Intelligence
  2. Humility
  3. Flexibilty
  4. Insight
  5. Positivity

Intelligence to understand and absorb information into practical tangible skills

Accepting that there are others who might know more information in a specific area than her, and that this doesn’t make her inexperienced

Her flexibility to re learns skills she thought she already knew, without feeling inadequate.

Understanding the insight that working as a presenter on her desired station was not about her, but was about what that station wanted to achieve and showing this in her written preparation.


After reviewing her personal audio appraisal and training programme she received, she felt so flexible and inspired that she began to do Yoga in an idyllic location.

Her curiosity and willingness to be open to suggestion when getting in touch was us, was the key here. Where some presenters approach us with an ocean of cynicism, she was attached to nothing and open to everything..

We will be sure to post more about this case if… no sorry WHEN – she gets the job of her dreams.

And when you are ready and want a shot at the big time you know where we are 🙂

Book link ( sorry Book LET! )

Reach out

But seriously though… There is something really nice about helping people, seeing them change and feeling the joy though them as they move closer toward their goals. Its a little like the love we have for our Driving Instructor. We know they just teach basic instructions, but boy they change your life.

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