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Harriet Scott

These days it is all too easy to hear stories of, “it’s not what you know but who you know”. For presenters looking to move into bigger things, this can become an all too often phrase that serves to demotivate you.

Occasionally however there are stories that come along which reinstall a little faith in more positive phrases such as:

“Patience, persistence and perspiration are all perfect for success”

harrietWe are particularly pleased to find rare examples of success earned in traditional ways and happier when talented people seem to move in a forward direction.

These examples are what we “Rocky” Stories. They are comforting, encouraging and cathartic.

Harriet Scott’s recent Radio 2 presentation appearance, covering for Aneka Rice illustrates how hard work and determination, even if she won’t admit it, pays off in the end.

Harriet started her career as presenter on Viking FM, before moving to 2 Ten FM, then Virgin, then Heart and most recently BBC London 94.9. Whilst she has also been a TV presenter, a guest on news programmes and a celebrity interviewer, radio has clearly been something she excels in. A 10-year spell on Heart 106.2 speaks for itself.

Landing a fill in slot on Radio 2 might not seem like much to some, but to us we see this as a huge vote of confidence for her as a solo presenter.

Radio 2 is arguably the most popular radio station in England and every one of the presenters is celebrity. The BBC don’t give people slots Willy nilly either, in fact in our book we hint how national BBC stations have been heard to indicate that they never consider presenters who have a background in commercial radio.

Not only has Harriet had a background in commercial radio, but also was the co-host of the famous breakfast show in London, which epitomizes commercial radio more than some. This makes her appearance even more valuable, because she has been able to convince not only BBC London 94.9 but also Radio 2 that she is of flagship prowess. Not a mean feat.

When you consider historically that the only known National BBC presenters to hail from commercial radio were Scott Mills and the mighty Chris Moyles, it is clear that commercial radio is not the best background for those desiring R1 or R2 end goals.

This is why the Harriet appearance on Radio 2 has so much impact. It is a lesson that her determination, business acumen and career management have been carefully considered for a very long time.

Now, before you hotfoot it to the studio to cut your next Radio 1 demo think again. Harriet has been on BBC London 94.9 for a considerable time and we speculate that had she not been, talent or no talent, she would not have been given a look in.

This is not also to assume that BBC local is a route to Radio 2 either, because it is not. Think about how many BBC local presenters were overlooked to fill this slot. And this brings us on to talent.

Harriet does have a unique sound. This fits neatly into both commercial radio and BBC radio, a rare ability which can only really be cultivated naturally. And whilst her natural sound has always been there she possibly has wanted to work on Radio 2 since she was 11 years old. That’s 40 years of planning! (Only joking).

Listening to her show, having followed her career was a pleasing engagement. It fly’s the flag for those who work in commercial radio; it shows career longevity and above all promotes patience. Moyles

As we said in our book nobody knows how the mysterious BBC national wheels turn and nobody knows if she will ever appear again, but we have a feeling her performance suggests that she will.

When we are feeling low, we need examples like this to keep us going. They remind us that what they say in literature about persistence and patience is not just a load of poppy cock.

Harriet has blasted her way through an enormous amount of work in her career, her exceptional focus and extreme hard work has paid off with a consistent level of employment, personal satisfaction and an upward trend. Here’s to motivation.

Author – Walking on Air – The radio success fast track book.

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