How to get into radio

How to get into radio:

If you want to know how to get into radio, this book basically has it all. In a tiny, easy to read book, the notion of how to get into radio is answered in the most succinct and true way today.

It discusses what radio stations really want. It is different than you might think. Times have changed and if you want to work in radio, you have to get your thinking cap on and learn a few new skills. How to get into radio

How to get into radio seems like a broad question and although it sounds like something a beginner would ask, it is particularly useful for semi professional presenters and student radio presenters too.

Although most of us think we know the answer to how to get into radio, most of us have it all a bit wrong.

One of the reasons we wrote the how to get into radio book was because we wanted to save people time, effort and heartache. All things that we went through in our early careers.

And when we say early careers, don’t be fooled into thinking that we have old-fashioned ideas. Quite the contrary.

In fact many of our reviewers are astonished just how current the book is.

It is written with the notion that today a few media owners own most of the radio stations in the world and that they all have their own ways of doing things.

When we started in radio, it was almost as though the techniques and tricks were part of a secret club. There was no where for us to find information about:

  • Clocks.
  • Back timing.
  • How to do a radio presenter demo.
  • How to apply to a radio station.
  • What to say in presenter links. ( speech )
  • How to work for the BBC

It was almost a case of, if you were lucky enough to know someone who would teach you, you were very fortunate. But now it is all in the Walking On Air book.

Now in the information age, there is some information out there, but this tends to be speculative rather than actual accurate advice.

Take a look at the reviews on this blog or see the book directly on Amazon.

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