DJ training manual

DJ customer service training manual. As part of your nightly duties we understand that customers will approach you a number of times with requests or observations. So that you are able to treat them fairly and in the most efficient and timely manner, we have created a short training manual, outlining suitable ...Read More

Don’t hang the mobile DJ

Don’t hang the mobile DJ Many would say that mobile DJs are those that can’t get proper DJ jobs in clubs or bars. After all why would anyone want to lug gear into a venue? Often mobile DJs start their day around 2pm and end their day at 2am.There is no kudos ...Read More

Why is in-store radio so rubbish?

Why is in-store radio so rubbish? An arguable topic – Is in store radio necessary? Does it work? What is the point of it? Should it have presenters? Well obviously the makers of it will say that it does work, why wouldn’t they? But does it really? I was in Starbucks recently ...Read More

A free copy of our book?

Already commended as being a good read by some of radio’s leading people and experts you can now get a free copy. Feel free to tweet us for more information – and of-course your postal address and we will whisk one out to you in the post. Sound like a deal? We ...Read More

More links, Less Talk

More links less talk Our official book talks about how research has shown that listeners tend to fall asleep when presenters talk.  Programmers never want that! So, long ago programmers decided to respond to these research findings by playing large blocks of music. It worked. Virgin Radio invented and spent a fortune ...Read More

New jobs for presenters

New Jobs for Presenters In recent news, Irish telecoms billionaire Denis O’Brien is to become the fourth largest radio operator in the UK radio market, sealing a deal to buy stations from Global Radio in a sale thought to be worth £35m. Communicorp has acquired Smooth East Midlands, Smooth North West, Smooth ...Read More

Back announcing songs

Back announcing songs Back announcing songs are necessary as believe it or not, one of the most frustrating things for a listener is when the DJ doesn’t tell them the names of the songs. Whilst many will argue that some audience research can be skewed, inaccurate and erroneous, research which helps radio ...Read More

Make programme controllers want you

Make programme controllers want you Want to make programme controllers hot for you? Want them to fantasise about you being on their radio station? Want them to have your picture on their office wall? Um? Ok well that’s just really creepy. That said, there is nothing wrong with creating a bit of ...Read More

Silly Management Titles

Silly Management Titles. Following on from a previous article about presenter coaching and snoop sessions we interviewed a BBC editor and posed questions about how he manages his talent. What emerged was a quite interesting. He explained that in his 20 years as an editor he has noticed how consistently making presenters ...Read More

Radio is music’s best friend

Radio is music’s best friend: Radio and the music industry might be missing a trick! Whilst radio is ever evolving, there is an argument that we are all doing it the same as we always have been. Playing recorded music. But if we see radio in another way, we might be able ...Read More