Todays true role of the radio presenter

Todays true role of the radio presenter There are two very distinct new roles for the radio presenter the first is being an exchanger of information the second is being entertaining. Let’s get this clear though, being entertaining does not mean talking about things willy-nilly. That is not entertaining, that is talking. ...Read More

Presenter training

Presenter training: To read part one of this presenter training article click here, it will lead you to back here if you follow the links.  Rather than continue to pontificate on the argument that snoops are an awful way to conduct radio presenter training let us discuss a number of ways in ...Read More

Radio Presenter Training Part 2

Part one of this article is found here… crikey… keep up.. call yourself an internet user. Whatever term it has been given today, THE SNOOP has become one of the most unpleasant experiences any presenter has to undergo. Many managers seem to relish the opportunity to micro correct as many things as ...Read More

Best Radio Dj Training

Best Radio Dj Training: Are snoop sessions the best radio DJ training? Largely no, they are not. Lets take a look at why. Firstly the term “snoop” is hardly a positive one. The definition of the word snoop is: Investigate or look around furtively in an attempt to find out something, especially ...Read More

Radio Job

Radio Job:You can also see radio job description or rather radio presenter job description. What sort of radio job do you want? There are a number of ways in which you can get a radio job. Student radio. Work experience. Applying for jobs on Media UK until you are blue in the ...Read More

The Radio Presenter Job Description

The Radio presenter job description: Here the main duties in short which cover the radio presenter job description. For more specifics, details and coaching on how to get the best radio jobs take a look at this award worthy book on Amazon. Click Here. The Radio presenter job description for commercial radio ...Read More

Get into radio

How to get into radio How to get into radio was a question that haunted us for years when we all started. That is one of the reasons why we wrote this book. See Amazon. When we wanted to know how to get into radio, there was no Internet, hardly any running ...Read More

Broadcast training

Broadcast training: Broadcast Training in the UK starts with gaining experience and the only way to gain experience is to do it. This is the best broadcast training you can get. If you want some ideas on how you can practice and get some radio training in the UK for yourself take ...Read More

Radio Training

Radio Training: Radio training has never been easier than it is today. Not only are there countless radio training and radio broadcasting schools but you can also buy a new amazing radio training book. Never before have the secrets of professional radio been released into the public domain. Most radio training courses ...Read More

Hospital Radio Jobs

Hospital Radio Jobs: Most people look for hospital radio jobs when they are considering working in radio and learning their trade. Hospital radio jobs do not come round very often and our book shows you that if you want to work in radio then you don’t need to be looking for hospital ...Read More