Radio Jobs

Radio Jobs: Radio Jobs are found in one of the following places. You should bookmark all these pages if you want to get the best radio jobs. Having read our radio industry acclaimed book, you will probably know already that professional or not, you need to learn some new skills for getting ...Read More

Radio Presenters Salary

Radio Presenters Salary: A radio presenters salary can be very loosely based on a number of factors. Aiming for the best radio presenters salary is discussed in the book “Walking on Air”. Largely a radio presenters salary is based on some of the following factors: How big the radio station is and ...Read More

How to become a radio presenter

How to become a presenter: Although you may be a radio presenter or a DJ or a voice or an actor already, so many so-called professionals miss a trick. The how to become a presenter question still applies to presenters with experience. With experience as an amateur presenter or even a professional, ...Read More

Radio Presenter Job Description

Radio presenter job description: The radio presenter job description is not what you think. The whole premise of our book outlines why this is. Here are a few things the radio presenter job description is not: Note here that we refer to professional terrestrial commercial or radio stations and not student radio, ...Read More

On Air Jobs

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How to be a TV Presenter

How to be a TV presenter: There are some routes into the land of TV that some might not know about. How to be a TV presenter is a question asked by so many and will be the subject of our second book. Our first book was about how to be a ...Read More

Presenter Jobs

 Presenter jobs: If you are looking for the best ways to get radio presenter jobs you need to do two things. Firstly make sure you are always looking on Media UK. Secondly buy a copy of the book How to be a radio presenter. See reviews for the book here. It is ...Read More

How to be a Radio Presenter

How to be a radio presenter: The new industry acclaimed book “Walking on Air – How to be a Radio Presenter” is finally here and is already selling like hot cakes! The book is officially authored by the team who brought you the well known Radio Talent, the radio jobs website responsible ...Read More