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Marcus Bronzy presents weekend breakfast on arguably one of the coolest radio stations in the world Capital Xtra. It only seems like yesterday that Capital Xtra was launched amid wild controversy and speculation about its raisin-detre.

Today, it is listened to all over the country by more people and in more places than Global Radio could have ever imagined. Its highly tuned specialist playlist and format is in our opinion the best orchestration of dance hip-hop and RnB since the days of pirate radio.

The presenters are cool without trying, the imaging is slick and crisp and the playlist is the most accessible one in the UK today. It makes an adult mature listen whilst playing youth target music. It smartly seems to play specialist music without appearing to directly attract children.

We like how this award winning station appeals all listener demos without apparent segregation. This is achieved with their unique content combination.

It sounds enormous, energetic and encompassing, add to that an air of “national” and a sprinkling of agelessness and the end result is a boon for advertising revenue, brand perception and listenership.

In terms of its presenters there are a good few we would like to interview and so we shall start with Marcus Bronzy. We like the fact that at such a young age, he has achieved quite so much. We like success and as it says in our book, success leaves clues.

Already he has been on Radio 1Xtra, Capital Xtra and CBBC as a presenter and he has a whole world of opportunity in front of him.

Radio Presenter Marcus Bronzy

Before you worked at Radio 1 Xtra came about, talk us through what happened when you left school and a bit about your first jobs.

After school took a year out before University to earn some money, I worked in a call-centre, handling furniture aftersales. At the same time, I also worked 2 Days a week at Westend DJ (one of the leading suppliers of DJ Equipment to the UK). I loved DJ-ing and so, it seemed like a good idea to be around the gear and other DJs at the same time.

I went to Uni with a small amount of savings did my media degree. Ironically, although there were lots of audio modules at Uni, I dropped out of all of them because I doubted I would be able to make a proper job out of anything to do with audio!

During the summer seasons outside of University I secured some residencies in Ayia Napa, it was at that point that I noted how well DJs were paid. That said, I gave it all up when I finished Uni, in the hope of getting a proper job!

What was the actual turning point that led to your job on 1Xtra?

I love radio, and I worked on Bang Radio before being chosen to work on 1Xtra. I can only really attribute 1Xtra to having a total infatuation with it, the lifestyle and the music. I read in your book that this was one of the key elements for success in specialist radio. I have to agree, it was in my case

Tell us about your role as presenter on CBBC and what the show is about?

I present a show on CBBC at the weekends called Technobabble. Myself, Clara Amfo, Frankie and of course the Vlogster review current and future technologies, how they are being applied and / or how they might be will so in the future.  We also have a bit of fun with it! As well as technology we also cover things like the future of film, fashion, shopping, music and lots more

Can you talk us through how that job actually came about?

I love technology and have always wanted to make a show about it.  I was fortunate enough to be able to assemble a team of absolutely amazingly people to create a production team. This team created a pilot, which I wrote as an idea for a tech TV show. Somehow, it made it’s way into the hands of the BBC, and at the time, to them, the format made sense and I was invited in.

You are obviously very determined to succeed, where does this come from and what are your ultimate goals?

I genuinely don’t think I am determined at all. I am just passionate. I bloody love what I do. The more I become consumed with my passion, the better things in my life seem to flow.

Right now I think my ultimate goal is to continue enjoying, creating and sharing. Education and entertainment for me is the perfect mix.


Capital Marcus Bronzy

Our thoughts:

Although Marcus claims to be passionate, he also is very much a man with a plan. The two go hand in hand.

It was interesting to note that although he had already landed a job on 1Xtra and Capital Xtra he still read our book! Which is essentially about sort of starting out and getting your head in the right place. He said that he read it because he thought learning about how commercial radio worked was paramount, having been at the BBC.

What we noted from chatting with him was how this illustrates a number of things about Marcus, which may be clues about his success:

  1. However much he learns, he will look for the ultimate edge, that one extra piece of advice that might help him.
  2. He works with his passions first; the results he gets are simply a result of how much love he puts in.
  3. He is completely and utterly focused on what he wants and will not deviate at all from those visions.
  4. He is not in a competition with anyone nor does he want to be rich or be better than anyone.
  5. He is willing to learn from others, however well he is doing.
  6. He has a profound understanding that nothing is permanent and that tomorrow’s success can come from today’s failures.
  7. He genuinely has got himself to a place in his life where he is genuinely interested in people and how he can serve them

Do any of these make sense to you? Got any success stories or theories to share?

For more success in radio tips why not see our book here


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