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On Air Jobs:

If you want the best presenter jobs, it starts with learning a few basic secrets. Secrets that you won’t learn anywhere. Secrets that will take years and years to learn…well that is until now. Presenter Jobs are now easier to get than ever before with the new tell-all book.

Here is Sony Gold Award winner – Sam Pinkham, from Gem 106 breakfast trying his best to do a serious review on the book…

Because Sam Pinkham does breakfast on the East Midland’s Gem 106 it is hard for him to take anything seriously. However we were very pleased that he was able to actually even do a review specially after reading the book.

We recently interviewed Sam about presenter jobs and what he thinks it takes to get the top presenter jobs and he replied that buying this book was one of them 🙂

Actually he did give us some good advanced advice and we will be sharing it on this blog over the coming weeks. Likewise, if you have a review you would like us to publish we would be very happy to do so here and maybe also include your website or links to your radio demo.

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To order your copy of the book Walking on Air – How to be a radio presenter – click here

Sam Pinkham, brother of Natalie Pinkham ( he hates that ) worked firstly as an estate agent before being invited into a radio station to help out. The rest is history so to speak. Granted it goes without saying that Sam’s journey into a presenter job is probably extremely a rare case today.

Sam and Amy

Being complimented so highly from such a professional breakfast show presenter was quite an accolade as this helps us realise that the book is not just for dribbling anoraks, but also for serious, intelligent or experienced people who want a shortcut to the inside of radio and its elaborate tapestry.

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