Radio 4 presenters

Radio 4 presenters

Not only is Radio 4 an exceptional and relaxing listen but it also has a number of benefits for you as a presenter.

Firstly it is a relaxing listen and you will find your world slowing down a little when you are absorbed in the programmes but also more importantly it offers something useful for you and your career.

It is a completely different radio environment to what you are possibly working in now and this helps you create a distance from what you are doing. This is a good thing. If you work in music radio then Radio 4 will be a soothing rest for you when you finish work.

You will not be hearing more of the same music that you have played. You will not be hearing more of the same messages and you will be listening to completely different content. radio4presenters

What this does is add colour and context to your music radio work. It brings the music your playing to life and also makes you appreciate it more. Often it is actually best for presenters to not listen to music other than when they are on the air. Radio 4 presenters have a unique way of articulating themselves too, this is useful for us because it expands our vocabulary and again widens our perspective. Certainly in terms of news, Radio 4 also can educate you more deeply in certain news subjects and this is important if you do a breakfast show.

The last thing you want to do is make light of a news story without fully understanding it or understanding how it affects people or the world. The Radio 4 presenters also have a unique approach to how they articulate themselves and how they talk to time.

Whilst this is only really applicable to Radio 4 it actually gives you a wake up call on how to sound more “normal” on your own show. Of course emulation is not the answer, but reflection is. Radio 4 is brilliant as a career educator along with being a very informative and challenging listen.

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