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Here is a cool Radio Career Tip – Playing the long game. The first few years of your career in media are your most important.

In these few years you are teaching people the type of person you are.

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

Each move that made in an early career gets remembered. radio-career-tip

Unlike some careers, media works differently. Whereas in some careers you grow your character and experience over time, in media it works the other way. Your character is formed early on and people have opinions about you, which stick. Yes, over time you can work to change yourself and people’s opinions of you, but this can take years and also involves the other person being willing to change their perception too.

If you start your career as a polite, softly spoken sensible thinker this is how people will perceive you how you will be remembered. If however you are overly confident, exuberant or arrogant, the same applies. Your performance is not how you speak to people, but how you perform. How you speak to people and conduct yourself is very different. Your performance at work will always speak for itself.

Generally, other people don’t care much about you, but if you stand out they will have a reason to. This is not necessarily what you want. There is a lot of gossip in media and if you become the subject of too many conversations behind closed doors, you might soon find yourself working harder for success.

Now, before you panic and think that sitting quietly at your desk is what will work, don’t. Nobody likes a quiet “do-right”, so if you work too hard at keeping yourself to yourself it will work against you.

Play the long game. Be fun. Join in the office banter, but be careful not to be the subject of it too often.

Author – Walking on Air – The tell all Radio Success Book for Radio Presenters.

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