Radio DJ on Air

Radio DJ on air:

Want to be a radio DJ on air? Are you working in student radio, maybe hospital radio and you are thinking you want to be a radio DJ on air?

Whilst you might not be as slick as Steve Wright on Radio 2 at first practice makes perfect. And that’s where we come in.

Check out this exciting new book about being a radio DJ on air. Here. radio dj on air

It has been written by a selection of radio experts who have undergone themselves more than 300 hours each of radio training

It covers everything about becoming a radio DJ on air. From how to compose the right email to a radio station to setting up your own studio for practice.

It looks at the mindset required in order to move on to better things in radio and it covers the complicated issues like back timing and clocks. Something all broadcasters will need to know if they are serious.

Do you want to be a radio DJ on air? How badly?

We know how it feels – we have been in this frustrating position ourselves. We know that you want the information as fast as possible without too much wordy nonsense.

Our book is as short as possible, just to give you the exact requirements you need to get a decent job on the radio.

We explain, wages, marketing, how to get an act together, how the radio business works and set you off on an exciting journey.

But don’t get us wrong, this is not a book for complete beginners by any stretch – in fact many of our reviewers work on national radio stations and have still found information that was new to them!

If you are working as a DJ at the moment and are thinking about working in radio, or you are a broadcaster with some experience already, or even if you are working as a presenter for free. This guide has everything you will need.

Why not take a look at some of the reviews or see the book directly here on Amazon.

In the meantime for some fun why not have a look at some funny radio dj on air clips.

This one – is about a drunk DJ on the radio.

This one is about how a DJ dumps his girlfriend on air.

This one is about how a DJ in Australia with callers 

(voice over in clip is Howard Ritchie )

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