Radio Jobs in London

Radio Jobs in London

For those of us in student radio the idea of working in London is possibly the ultimate dream. After all, the best radio gets made in London, it’s where the stars are, it’s where they have private members clubs and it’s where Buckingham Palace is.

What radio career, actually scratch that, what, career doesn’t suddenly become better when it includes the word LONDON?

For some, this ultimate career acknowledgment is all they think about, it is everything to them and the rest of their career means nothing, until they get there.

In lots of ways it makes great sense. If you are a dancer in a West End Show, in London, it means you are better than all other dancers. If you have a business address in London, it means you are a highly successful business. And, for those who don’t work in broadcasting the word London, also means “lots of wages”.

London House Prices

Typical London Home, for someone living in London.

London is the home hub for all the decent radio stations in England; it also, as you know syndicates the entire local content around the country. Inside these multi floor department stores of radio is where it all happens.

Trillions of people milling around creating world famous radio, each with there own small but important role in creating the perfect radio. Some will have little hubs to work in, some offices, others share desks but they all have a role. Because it’s London, everything is much more important, everything has a flagship brand attitude and the stakes are high.

From the outside looking in, these worker bees all form part of a perfectly arranged organism, they all, take on a role and they follow highly regimented procedures. And this creates an interesting distinction between regional radio and radio in London.

In London, we are important cells, carrying out our duties, rather like inside the human body. There is someone to make sure compliance is handled, someone under them, and someone under them. There are a team of sales people, their support team, and the support team under them and so it goes on. This happens across all departments, and it personifies the idea of working in a team.

Worker bees

Ariel Shot of production offices at Bauer Media HQ

In many ways we see the beauty in this, but as we allude to in our book (see below) all – is not always – how it seems.

You see there is another side to working in London. There is less individuality and more anonymous teamwork. Achievement is expected rather than rewarded and there are always 100 people ready to fill our boots.

Sure there is an element of social interaction, but it is much more rare After all, there is work to be done creating the world’s best radio. No time for chit chat and tittle-tattle. And that’s inside the radio building. Outside is vast and bustling, you wither into the tapestry of crowds like an inconspicuous thread, but inside be prepared to be well and truly counted.

London Home

Forget my 10 bedroom in Gloucester, living in London is just so much cooler.

For some, this is the perfect life. For others they are shocked at just how nonchalant the city can be and how mundane their life feels when they finally make it to the city. So much for significance.

From a presenter’s perspective, working in London can be daunting, challenging and full of pressure, those of us who thrive in that space are in our element, for others it’s a demotivating sausage factory.

London is not to be misjudged; she will not wait whilst you acclimatize. And even though you are hosting an event in Oxford Street on a Monday afternoon, you might start to one-day wonder, if anyone really cares?

Sure, London is a place we are all proud to feel part of and experience, and there is always that gnawing little sense of personal gratification from swanning around in expensive media buildings, but just ask yourself at what cost?

Presenting radio in Scunthorpe might not seem to be your idea of career success, but take heed, we always get what we wish for, so make sure London is what you really want.

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