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 Presenter jobs:

If you are looking for the best ways to get radio presenter jobs you need to do two things. Firstly make sure you are always looking on Media UK. Secondly buy a copy of the book How to be a radio presenter. See reviews for the book here.

It is packed with information about radio presenter jobs and what you need to do to get the best ones. Its not a simple as sending a demo to an advertisement you see on Media UK.

Its also no longer a case of sending your generic demo to a list of radio stations, this is an almost guaranteed way to fail today.

Radio presenter jobs are harder to come by at this time than ever before, and one of the reasons this book was written, is to help you get these radio jobs.

With the right information we can do anything and the book sets out to explode popular myths. It gets right down to business and reveals tons of special secrets about radio presenter jobs. You won’t get this information anywhere else.

Whilst there are always radio courses you can take, only a few of them really work on what is current in radio today. Our book is written by people who work inside radio NOW and therefore has the ultimate information on what it takes to get radio presenter jobs the right way.

Radio is a constantly evolving media and it needs to be competitive and highly smart to survive. James Cridland, the owner of Media UK and a high calibre BBC tech speaks about these changes in his blogs which we recommend you read. Radio-presenter-jobs

If you do want to do a radio course we recommend a few in the book and how to find the best ones. We explain how to be a detective and make sure you are going to get the best value for money.

James (right) is a radio futurologist and he has written many helpful articles. These will arm you with valuable industry information in your quest for success. See his articles here.


To take a look at the industry approved radio presenter jobs book on Amazon here. Become a Radio Presenter.

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