Book reviews Here are just a few of the industry contributors we asked to read our manuscript before it was published and a little about their careers and standing in the industry.

Simon Hirst  

  Simon is best known for his previous presentation role for the Hit40Uk show which was broadcast on more than 150 stations around the United Kingdom. He has hirstybeen a radio presenter since the age of 12 and is from Barnsley in the UK. He currently still presents the award winning UK breakfast show Hirsty’s Daily Dose which has consistently won increases in audience in its 10 year history. Simon is one of the country’s most well known radio personalities. After reading the book Simon wrote to us to say:

This is a clever guide for those wishing to start or break into bigger things, I wish this book was available when I started out in the business

Leona Graham

Leona VirginLeona is a long term broadcaster and voice over who currently works on the Absolute Radio station in central London, she previously worked on all shifts on the world famous Virgin Radio.  Leona started her career on London’s urban radio station Choice, before working at stations all over the country. She then became a voice over and was the voice of Radio 1 for many years during arguably one of the stations most successful periods. Leona says:

It would take simply years for someone on the outside to learn the fundamental principals that are in this book.

Jana Rangooni

Jana RangooniHaving worked in radio all over the world since 1987, Jana is an expert manager. She has been the programme director of London’s Heart 106.2,  Head of Galaxy Radio in the north of the UK and has held several positions where she has been head of Group Programming. In New Zealand this was with Media works and in the UK The Classic Gold Network.

Jana is a keen radio speaker and is excellent as a manager of presentation teams. She has been instrumental helping countless well known presenters get to where they want to go.

We sent a copy of our book to Jana who said:

Some good advice and tips for newcomers to the business. Glad to see you have covered off everything from “clocks” to creativity as the Radio Business doesn’t flourish without either.
Richard Allinson
richard_allinson Richard Allinson is a media expert who started his broadcasting career at Capital Radio presenting all manner of shows through the early nineties. He also was involved with the early conception of the music channel VH1.
Today he is most well known for covering for Steve Wright and Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2 – where he also presents his own show. Richard joined Radio 2 in 1997 and has been a favourite household name presenter for more than 20 years.
We were very lucky that someone as well known as Richard was willing to give our book a look over.
Richard says:

Great book especially the bit about research, I learned something from this, scary!

Sam Pinkham

Just to lighten things a little, we also spoke to Sam Pinkham – He is a Sony Award Winning Breakfast show presenter and hosts Gem 106 Breakfast along side Amy Voce, he takes nothing seriously, but we think he liked the book.