Stephanie Hirst

Stephanie Hirst has exemplified over the last few days that there really are no limitations to what we can do.

She has powerfully sent a message to us all that there are now no excuses for not getting what we want, or not being who we want to be.

This is further irrefutable evidence that we can be anything we think about and that if we are steadfast in our intentions, the world will contribute in unfathomable ways.

Will we really now bemoan we are helpless in an unhappy job, or stay immobilized by a difficult boss? Will we ever set a goal again not knowing that it is unquestionably possible?  Of course we won’t – Stephanie has illustrated that we can pretty much do anything with our lives without limitation. Who knows, she may have even created a new trans-fashion, one that allows us to not only be a woman or a man, but anything we want, why not, what do you fancy?

In our book about being a radio presenter and how to do it, (which Simon endorsed but Stephanie has not. Bugger!) we touched upon this idea of first being the person you want to be in your mind and then stepping into that person. We used this as a way to moderate overwhelm when changing careers: First decide you want to be a racing driver, imagine yourself as one already and then relax and allow the universe and your internal intention to develop the rest. ( Book here )

Stephanie must have rehearsed being a woman for most of her life and waited for the most opportune time to step into her new reality. If there is something you  want to be, do or have, why not today?

Wayne Dyer says: “Don’t die with your music still inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul. Listen to that inner voice, and don’t get to the end of your life and say, ‘What if my whole life has been wrong?”

Can you imagine how you might feel if you got to the end of your life and thought: “What if I have done it all wrong?” Stephanie won’t. She seems to be someone who takes life with both hands and says, “Come ‘ere you.”


Kiki Dee – An artist who in 1974 had so much music in her that she decided to sing a song about it. She actually had so much music in her that the song was called “I’ve got the music in me.” Experts claim had she not sung the song, the music may have caused her to eventually burst into flames. It is however not clear what music was inside her, or if the music was of a particular type. For accuracy it would have been better for her to actually describe the type of music that was inside her, but it was 1974 and there weren’t so many niches.

There’s a lesson here for you too. What music is in you?


When we first met Stephanie or “the artist formerly known as” Simon, we were already struck by an almost unusual zest for life.

Without being smug or haughty, Simon was one of those rare people who could be positive around everyone but without being insufferable. This as you know, is a very rare trait. He was also nauseatingly handsome as a man.

It’s no wonder that he enjoyed unlimited and consistent success in radio then. He was good looking, and liked people. (Don’t worry if you are less attractive, there are plenty of ugly presenters. If you don’t believe us, we will list them and rate them all for level of ugliness in another blog).

So how did Simon become so successful?

As he said more than once in his radio interview, he loves people. This is the major principal in his world and if success leaves clues, this one is the biggest.

We simply cannot live successfully on this planet until we have found a method of genuinely liking other people like Stephanie does. When we do, we too will experience an enormous new power, allowing us to be who we really are.

Simon in his “man-life” created joy for others, excelled in his career and generated abundance for those around him. And it was all created by his brilliant mind.

We should at this point perhaps praise his parents, because most of who we are conditioned to be comes directly from them. Simon’s mind really is made up of both his mum and his dad’s original views of the world and that which he has developed by his own wisdom.

What this illustrates is that we all get back a result depending on what and where we invest. Our thoughts create our investments and our results are the interest we receive. Simon/ Stephanie have dedicated their lives to investing only in good thoughts about other people and look what great results they have garnered: Tons of listeners, lots of friends and an ocean of  love. (Oh and 6 horses 12 houses and a Ferrari).

Although it is hard to love everyone, and it does seem a bit Michael Jackson, there actually is a way in which you can make it work for you. Maybe, not by running around singing Heal the World in a flowery peace dress, but perhaps by learning to just at the very least accept those that you cannot love. Stephanie found a way to accept everyone even the idiots.

On Air.

One of the reasons we believe Simon had such a successful show, is because of this love that he put out to the world through radio.

As we said in our book, listeners are not stupid and they are attracted to people who sound most like them. They can sense when someone is genuinely having fun and actually can experience an increase in serotonin by doing so.

Because Simon genuinely loved his job and everything about it, he was inadvertently giving the listener VIP access to his innermost joy and sharing it with them. Without knowing it people just liked him on air. They actually liked him because they could instantly sense he genuinely liked them! We all want love, and we like people who like us.

In sales and business, gurus have lived by this same philosophy: Love what you do, then sell that love.  Simon, didn’t need to sell his radio station or his skills on the radio, he just shared his love, whilst we lapped it up like hungry kittens.

So what’s next? Well, we suspect quite a lot, there is most certainly a book deal with a major publisher, a Channel 5 or Channel 4 documentary, more articles in the major magazines, appearances on programmes, theatre, blogs, movie and who knows; she may not even have time for a radio show.

Certainly there is a strong demand for her to return and so it probably is more a question when and where rather than if.

Stephanie Hirst

Whoever welcomes her, is going to get a lot of press that’s for sure and a very interesting radio show, but whether it is a smart and viable brand and business decision will be down to the experts. Broadcasters have a responsibility to create broad content for a specific audience of all ages and belief systems.

Regardless, now that niche podcast listener figures are at an all time high, Stephanie could very well decide to launch her own Podcast and reap millions of weekly downloads. To give you an example of the scope, we interviewed the hosts of a weekly property podcast who claims to have 250,000 downloads a week!

Simon once said to us when questioned about his tenure as a Capital Breakfast host “Nothing lasts forever”, at that time we sensed as a result that he felt he had to reinvent himself or the show in order to either remain fulfilled in his life, or continue earning money. It seems at this point that he chose deep peace and fulfillment.

Or has he cleverly just found a way to nail both?

Stephanie’s Journey (good book title Stephanie by the way) has not only reinforced the notion that (start song here) whatever we can conceive, we can achieve, (intro builds), but that the world can actually be a loving and accepting place, after all….(vocal)

“There’s a place in your heart and I know that this is love, And this place, could be much brighter than tomorrow”…

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