How to be a TV Presenter

How to be a TV presenter:

There are some routes into the land of TV that some might not know about. How to be a TV presenter is a question asked by so many and will be the subject of our second book.

Our first book was about how to be a radio presenter is available on Amazon and our next will follow and be called How to be a TV presenter.

How do we know? Well, its simple, we work in TV and so do most of our professional friends. We have worked our way toward working in TV ourselves and know exactly what is required.

Like working in radio, the question “how to be a TV presenter” has largely the same types of answers as you will find in our book. There is a formula to everything and if you follow it, you will succeed. Just like Kevin Hughes, pictured here. How-to-be-a-tv-presenter

In radio the role of the presenter has changed over the years and this is the same in the land of TV. Certainly in order to work in TV a presenting background is most definitely an advantage but not always.

Many radio presenters have asked “how to be a TV presenter” for years and then settled for other types of work in TV, such as continuity or voice work.

One thing is for sure in TV, whilst nobody will admit it, there are very few ugly TV presenters these days Harsh as that may seem, unless you are pretty gorgeous or have a certain look, you probably wont get very far. Working in radio might be the answer for you, or the next best thing. Kevin, we think is quite handsome, so that helps, as does his enormous radio presenter background.

Some radio presenters have actually managed to become correspondents for TV and have essentially therefore become TV presenters.

One great example is Kevin Hughes who works at Capital Radio as the showbiz correspondent. Although his burning question has always been how to be a TV presenter he has ended up working as one inadvertently.

See below, if you would like to learn the basics on how anyone can become a presenter and what steps you can take.

For details on our book see Amazon here. 

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