Using Twitter On Air

How Twitter helps


Not only does Twitter help presenters absorb the notion of brevity but it’s a really obvious prep tool too.

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By looking down the trending topics on the left hand side of the twitter interface, presenters can easily see the topics on discussion that day and how important they are to people.


The more comments about a particular subject, the more likely the listener will care about it if a presenter talks about it.


Some presenter’s even use the ‘trending today’ formula as a speed link to let listeners know what is going on that day. Others delve into the hashtags to find witty, or insightful comments that can be “borrowed” for their content.


Even if presenters don’t mention where they got the content from, it is a great way to sound current and “on topic” – it’s also a great way of editing or formulating what content is relevant for a show.


Similarly rather than use Twitter as a social tool, presenters can unfollow those who are less interesting and only follow those who speak in actual sentences; people who for instance have valuable insights, which can be used as actual content.


For example:


“On the subject of Taylor Swift’s new video Russell Brand was saying today that X Y Z”


This not only provides presenters free content for their shows but makes them sound like they know what is going on in the world and that they have valuable comments to make.


Sometimes not even referencing where the information comes from is also a great tip. The listener expects a presenter to know everything that is going on and that the presenters are inventing the content themselves.

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